U.S. Kids of Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Kids Chamber of Commerce exists to spark an entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation while building business acumen and creativity. Kids can ultimately choose entrepreneurship as their future career and use business as a force for good.

Kids are the Future

America has a unique economic system, one that has created an unprecedented wealth for its people. But while America remains the most prosperous nation in history, our foundation is crumbling as a new generation comes to maturity, without the fundamental understanding of the American economic system, or the structure on which it stands.
American children are rarely taught about our economic system. The U.S. Kids Chamber trains children to give them the skills to help strengthen the American economy. At the U.S. Kids Chamber, we provide the resources and the support for future generations of our country.

Why Join?

The U.S. Kids Chamber teaches our youth how to understand, survive, and thrive in business. 

  • Business is not taught in school but is the most relevant subject.
  • Life skills learned to prepare for business will contribute to success in daily life.
  • Developing kids with business skills will lead to entrepreneurship.



The U.S. Kids Chamber of Commerce Online and Workshop Education Seminars introduce kids (ages 6-18) to vital skills they will need to become socially concious entreprenuers including: 

  • How to apply the principles of business.
  • The tools to start and manage a business.
  • Important financial literacy, life skills and goal setting education programs  for personal and professional development.

They will learn:

Successful completion of the program means that each participant will have learned the skills to start his or her own business. Kids as entrepreneurs are trained to think in a manner that will restore solid economic foundations for them and their surrounding community. We have designed a program that will expand and enhance tomorrow's base of leaders who can compete effectively in a global market, enriching the civic reinforcements of our American communities, come join us!